DIY Standing Desks

I’ve just finished my second standing desk and I’m really happy with it, so I thought I’d throw up some photos. Materials cost about €60 and it took about four hours to slap it together, although it took another five hours to tweak it so that my monitor was in the right place.

My new action station!
Half way
In the end, I removed the top board and mounted my monitor directly to the back


And for some pics of the last desk I made. This one was way simpler and quicker to make, it also tilts like a draghtsman’s desk. Only 5 wooden boards are needed for the construction, and it cost about €35 for the wood. I think it took about three hours to stick it together.

You may be able to see one of the two hinges here, on the left

IMG_20130630_131031 IMG_20130630_131052