Rescan Channels in MythTV Remotely

From time to time I need to rescan channels for my parents’ MythTV box. It happens so rarely that I forget what to do, so, for future reference:

Use a particularly fast X-forwarding over ssh:

ssh -c arcfour,blowfish-cbc -XC mymyththtv.home

Start mythtv-setup in a small window:

mythtv-setup -w --geometry 640x480

It will ask to stop the backend, but that doesn’t always work, so be sure to check that there are no mythtv backends or frontends running before you do the channel scan.

Go to [Channel Inputs] select the card and run a full scan. This takes ages, and maybe a few attempts.

For where my folks live, the channels it finds correspond to the mux channels listed on:

So, I could probably save a lot of time by doing a Full Scan (tuned) instead of a Full Scan. In my case, it shows that it finds channels on Channel 23 and 26 (Mount Leinster). I’ll try that next time.


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