Refillable water filter cartridges rant

Having wasted about 2 hours trying to hunt down some elusive filtrate for a water filter I feel I should at least have a rant about it. I’ve got a refillable water cartridge for a jug. I used to be able to buy little bags of the filtrate for a not unreasonable £2.50 in a shop in town but then the shop closed and to my great disappointment I cannot find the stuff online. I lie, I can find an equivalent but of course it costs £4 a pop so I’d be paying for the privilege.
I was so happy a couple of weeks ago that I could replace my cafetiere jug with another one off the shelf in the super market. Standardisation is a beautiful thing that has yet to reach the world of water filtration jugs. London tap-water is neither tasty nor particularly clear and I don’t fancy lugging around bottles of water. I’ll buy the cheaper disposable cartridges begrudgingly until something better comes along … grumble grumble


1 thought on “Refillable water filter cartridges rant”

  1. One of the German suopermarkets sells them. We got a number for our stockpile. It was ALDI. Subscribe to their newsletter. I dont mean to advertise

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