MacBook vs Linux Laptop

For some bizarre reason I was beginning to think that Mac were actually offering a bit of a bargain with their dual core laptops so I had a look around and easily found some machines that would leave them in the dust.

13-inch White MacBook £750:

13.3-inch widescreen display
1280 x 800 resolution
1.83GHz Intel Core Duo1
512MB memory (2 x 256MB SODIMMs)
60GB 5400-rpm Serial ATA hard drive 2
Combo drive (DVD-ROM, CD-RW)
Intel GMA 950 graphics processor with 64MB of DDR2 SDRAM shared with main memory

Asus A6TC-AP007H £750:

1280 x 800 resolution
15.4 inch display widescreen
1280 x 800 resolution
AMD Turion 64 X2 mobile technology TL-50 1.6 GHz (that’s dual core 64bit)
2 x 512 MB DDR II SDRAM – 667 MHz
100 GB – 5400 rpm
DVD±RW (+R double layer) / DVD-RAM
NVIDIA GeForce Go 7300 TurboCache 128MB

I gather the 64bit stuff can be a bit of a pain to get running, especially for binary only stuff like flash on Linux (if that floats your boat) but I only did a quick search and I’m comforted to know that the specs look vastly superior at first glance. The HP nx6325 also looks nice for at least £100 less. I’m surprised by the resolutions quoted. My old laptop has a resolution of 1400×1050. Maybe I’m missing something, I got it off ebay for £300 and it has an nvidia 420 go and 40Gb hd. I bumped up the ram to 1Gb for £100 and it’s a Pentium 4 M 1.8 Ghz. I couldn’t spend twice the price and get a lower resolution, could I? I know this isn’t a side by side review and doesn’t go into any depth but I got this silly notion into my head and I thought I’d set it straight just in case anyone else was thinking the same way.

For any Mac heads who’re considering taking Linux for a spin, you might get some inspiration from the excellent Linux Action Show podcast. Bryan and Chris have decided after years in the Mac community as both fanatics and developers that they’ve had enough and are going to focus their efforts exclusively on Linux from now on. If you’re a die hard Mac user why not convince them of the errors of their ways and help out with ResExcellence.


Also thanks to Chris and Bryan for mentioning system76 who distribute beautiful preinstalled linux laptops (and also have free ubuntu stickers). I had previously only heard of Emperor Linux. I’m going to be in the market for a new one soon and I also hear that both Dell and HP give you the option of buying a laptop without an OS which is also a good thing, and of course Lenovo are due to be shipping a Suse laptop soon. Whatever I get it’s got to have an Intel 965 GPU, thanks to their recent decision to open source their drivers.


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